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Our Difference

Our Difference

From the moment you enter any Yoshinoya location, you immediately recognize that we are different. From our uncompromising standards for cleanliness and hygiene to our friendly, well-trained staff and the flavorful aroma of our authentic Japanese-style cooking, Yoshinoya is the delicious fast-food alternative Americans crave.

Combo Steak Chicken Prepared from the finest ingredients, our Beef, Chicken and Vegetable Bowls are cooked to perfection and served with our exclusive sauces and broths over freshly steamed rice. The result? Yoshinoya meals are bursting with flavor, nutritious and completely wholesome. We have the kind of meals you can feel good about choosing - and we never sacrifice taste!

The Meaning Behind Everything We Do
To truly understand what sets Yoshinoya apart, just look to our logo. Designed by our founder, Eikichi Matsuda himself, our "bull horn" logo takes it's shape from the letter "Y" of Yoshinoya's English name. The surrounding rope is comprised of 27 rice grains and depicts the "Yokozuna" (winner, in Japanese sumo wrestling) quality of our food. In whole, our logo represents Yoshinoya's status as providers of the best Beef Bowl®.

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